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Filmfest 3,14 is a celebration of new Iranian film, through a two-day program at Cinemateket i Bergen.

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Kunsthall 3,14 is proud to present a unique film program to our Bergen audience: Filmfest 3,14 s a celebration of new Iranian film, through a two-day program at Cinemateket i Bergen. We will show art film, short film and feature film, alongside a rich discursive program. At Filmfest 3,14 you will get the opportunity to watch films by international stars alongside experimental art films shown for the first time in Norway. The festival also includes work by artists who have been presented in exhibitions in Kunsthall 3,14s gallery spaces, such as Sara Rajaei and Bergen’s own Siavash Kheirkhah.

The festival starts with an evening programme on Friday 26. April, showing a selection of shorts, followed by artist presentations and a panel discussion moderated by Abirami Logendran. The first evening closes off with the feature film No Bears by Jafar Penahi. On Saturday 27. April, we offer an even more varied program with a full day of films including feature films, shorts, and experimental art films. There will be breaks between the movies, which will be shown only one at the time, to enable out audience to follow the full festival program and also facilitate socialicing in between the films. The festival tickets will give you discounts at Kafé Kippers at USF, so you can enjoy affordable drinks and food throughout the festival.

We are looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

Filmfest 3,14 is supported by Fritt Ord, the Arts Council Norway, and the City of Bergen.


Festival pass: 250kr

Single ticket: 75 kr

Please remember to reserve tickets to each screening you want to attend, with your festival pass. 

The program is updated continuously on our webpage:

About Kunsthall 3,14

Kunsthall 3,14 is a contemporary art institution embracing the political with international artists. Daring to see social and cultural blind spots beyond the Western discourse. Our exhibitions, presentations, and educational activities strive to investigate the dynamic and provocative nature of contemporary art. Kunsthall 3,14s motto is we question the present for the future. This focus includes presenting artist with established and renown voices, while also recognizing the work of emerging artists, placing different media into new and meaningful contexts.

As this is an external festival, you are not able to use Cinematekes filmkort on these screenings. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Use of the festival pass:
Note: The festival pass does not automatically book you a seat for all the films, you must go in and book each film / program in order to reserve your spot.

After buying the festival pass, you receive an e-mail with a personal code for your pass. You have to use this when you are buying tickets. After buying the pass and receiving the code, you go to the film / program you want to see and reserve a ticket. You do this by choosing the type of ticket called FESTIVALPASS (Click card) that is available at each Filmfest 3, 14-event. Further along in the ticket-buying process you must enter the reference code from the festival pass into the field called Click Card ID, and thus "buy" a ticket with the festival pass. For each film / program you reserve a ticket for, 41 NOK will be deducted from the balance of the festival pass.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions.